Thursday, August 29, 2013

i created the Poster, on the 21st of August, designing what the group wants, and attracting the Audiences attention.
I creeated the flyer and the posters as well 21/08/13 -Mehmet
i desinged and drew up the story board for the Treachorous moments. which involved me reading the script and coming up with Camaera shots and angles, for the right camera shot. and the positoning of the characters.
1st of August

Today instead of filming I acted, playing the part of my character Audrei. We had a hell of a lotta fun and learnt how to strut

22nd of July

Today we got given the assignment itself. We assigned the roles to people, I'm the camera person and editor and actor.

24th of July

We read through the script today and refined it. We also had to add a scene in. Also, we made the lists of stuff and made up permission slips for actors

26th of July

Storyboard got done today and we continued with props and stuff

8th of August

Got adobe after affects on my laptop for the editing today

Today i have helped direct the scene whilst the main director was acting. -Mehmet
During the editing, i wrote up the credits of all the people involved in the film and there roles, i also helped put scene 4 together with Holly and Mehmet.
during the filming  I acted, directed and wrote the script, i also did the story board with Mehemts help. during the acting this involved me think of stuff that would make me sad and show the emotion correctly. I also helped edit the film with Holly and Mehmet, and put it together. we showed the film to the class, and we still need to fix up a few things in the film.